Volkswagen Golf 3 Service and Repair Manual


The Volkswagen Golf 3 is available from 1991 to 1998 outside Egypt
but it was available in Egypt with models from 1992 to 1997

A special version of it called the GTI was also available
and this came with a larger engine consisting of 6 cylinders
instead of 4 cylinders in the engines of the regular versions

The car is available in several engines
including 1400cc and 1600cc
and the most famous engine is 1800 cc

And also the engine is 2000 cc
and finally the engines of the sports version 2800 and 2900 cc

The Golf 3 was named European Car of the Year 1992

Download Interior Maintenance Catalog as PDF
* (zip file size is only 6.4 MB) *


And now link to download the detailed maintenance manual
this's will be (by French) in PDF
* (The file is zip in size only 42.9 MB) *


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